The Healthcare Lighting Challenge

The diversity of the healthcare environment makes lighting a complex challenge. In summary, healthcare lighting must take into account the needs of the following:

Appropriate lighting design along with the correct selection of luminaires is essential to provide an environment that will aid the recovery of a patient. The correct ambience can affect mood and perception as well as enabling critical chemical reactions in the body. The design of luminaires also needs to take into account infection control, whether minimising horizontal surfaces to reduce dust collection, or for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Reducing energy use and consequently reducing the generation of Carbon Dioxide today is an important consideration for any site. This is not only important for financial implications but today reducing our carbon footprint is also of social importance. Many companies and government institutions these days have carbon targets and actions plans in place.

Thorlux is committed to minimising the environmental impact of both its manufacturing processes and its products. However, even with the most responsible approach, some carbon dioxide (CO2) will be released into the atmosphere as an indirect result of factory and selling activities and customers’ use of luminaires. In 2009, Thorlux established an ambitious carbon-offsetting scheme to help compensate for these emissions. The company has chosen to plant trees. Why trees? Trees and other plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis. One tree grown to maturity in open space can absorb approximately 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime. A forest covering many acres can effectively lock up CO2, creating a ‘carbon sink’. The scheme is now accredited under the Woodland Carbon Code. On its own land in Monmouthshire, Wales, Thorlux has to date planted 70000 trees.

The use of energy efficient lighting can play a large role in reducing energy costs as typically lighting can account for over 35% of the electricity used in a typical hospital*. Energy costs are going to be a major challenge for healthcare providers over the next decade, highlighting the importance of evaluating lighting projects on a whole life cost basis.

Lighting must enable the performance of a range of visual tasks by all healthcare staff, from examination to night time observations. A range of non-medical functions need to be considered including cleaning, distribution of meals etc. The lighting has to be simple to control and intuitive to switch providing a range of lighting options allowing all healthcare professionals to focus on the task at hand. The correct lighting and quality of lighting can also enhance the well-being of staff, and help staff appreciate their workplace.

Lighting must contribute to an overall ambience of comfort, safety and reassurance for visitors. It can also help to encourage positive feelings from their visit.

Why Thorlux?

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  • UK owned, with luminaires designed, engineered and manufactured in the West Midlands since 1936
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  • Unique Government backed carbon offsetting programme
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Example Healthcare Lighting Solutions

Ward Lighting Solutions

Lighting within ward areas has to be a careful balance between function, aesthetic and energy efficiency. Lighting levels need to be high enough to allow nursing staff to provide care, but not so high as to impact on the comfort of patients trying to rest. Please click on the below links which will guide you through lighting of ward spaces.

Healthcare Lighting Case Studies

State of the art lighting control systems and market-leading luminaire efficiency provides maximum energy savings with a proven return on investment in the NHS, our results can be seen on a number of case studies conducted by Thorlux on recently completed projects

Queens Medical Centre Corridor

Energy Saving: 66%

Airdale NHS Foundation Trust

Energy Saving: 76%

Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals

Energy Saving: 76%

Administration and Office Areas

Critical Care and High Dependency

Recommended Products

Operating Theatres and Cleanrooms

Recommended Products

Projects Including Healthcare




 Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital

gb  Barnsley Hospital

Barnsley Hospital

ie  Beacon Hospital

Beacon Hospital

gb  Belfast City Hospital

Belfast City Hospital

gb  Burnley Hospital - Urgent Care Centre

Burnley Hospital - Urgent Care Centre

gb  Farjo Hair Institute

Farjo Hair Institute




 Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

gb  Oxford University Hospitals

Oxford University Hospitals

gb  Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Royal Hallamshire Hospital

gb  St Andrew's Healthcare

St Andrew's Healthcare

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