Thorlux Lighting & Solite Europe

Solite Europe Ltd is a member of the FW Thorpe Plc group of companies (including Thorlux Lighting) and specialises in clean area, healthcare and now custodial luminaires.

Thorlux and Solite’s ranges complement each other in these applications to provide customers with the complete package of lighting and controls. Please follow the link below which will take you to the Solite custodial web pages for the full range of custodial luminaires.

Luminaires can be purchased separately from each company, or combined into a single package/quotation as required.


Solite Europe Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of LED luminaires and systems for use in the Custodial Sector providing solutions for custody corridors, interview rooms, holding cells, consultation rooms, van docks, wash areas, canteens and recreational areas. In addition Solite products are designed and approved for use in custody cells and other unmanaged areas.

Solite has developed these products in close consultation with the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice (NOMS) to meet current and pending changes to the guidelines and standards.

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