Conference and Meeting Rooms

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Conference rooms may be used for a variety of functions, so flexibility is essential. Meeting rooms used by visitors are usually equipped with high-quality luminaires to create the right impression.

Choice of Luminaire

Flexibility can be achieved by installation of a variety of luminaire types:

  • Higher output luminaires over the conference table to focus attention on the task.
  • Wall washers to light display boards and photographs
  • Recessed display spotlights for an informal atmosphere

Illumination Levels

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

Space Recommended maintained illuminance (lux)
Meeting/Training/Conference/Board Rooms 300 lux (normal use), 500 lux (for more intense reading/writing applications)/conference/board rooms

Creative Spaces

Meeting and conference rooms are spaces where an innovative approach can create inspiration and a great impression. The Flex System offers a fresh approach to lighting conference rooms in new and exciting ways

More Details

Scene Setting

Rooms equipped with TVs & projector screens benefit from scene setting control which improves the visibility of the screen whilst allowing participants to read and take notes.

SmartScan Scene or SmartScan Scene Remote recall preset scenes to achieve this objective.

When used in combination with multiple luminaire types, a range of visual effects can be created and easily selected to suit different uses and events.

SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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