Van den Heuvel B V

Werkendam, Netherlands

The Van den Heuvel company was founded on April 4, 1949. At that time, it was primarily active in road construction and waterworks. Van den Heuvel, Werkendam was established in 2001 and designs, builds and supplies high-quality machinery for pile driving, hoisting and compaction.

The Thoroproof and Solow LED luminaires combined with SmartScan controls were selected for the main areas of the facility.

The Thoroproof is an anti-corrosive IP65 luminaire with an injection moulded polycarbonate body and frosted prismatic polycarbonate cover, both fire-retardant. The Solow LED has been designed to provide low through-life costs by keeping energy and maintenance costs to a minimum. Available with narrow and broad distribution options using high-performance diffusers and a high-efficiency light chamber, the Solow LED achieves up to 35,650 lumens and 135.0 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.

The Challenge

The existing fluorescent lighting installed in 2001 was due for replacement. It was old, worn out and also maintenance-sensitive. In addition, it was costly to run and no longer met strict laws and fire safety regulations.

The Solution

A Lightronics light engineer surveyed the site at Werkendam to determine the most efficient lighting solution for each room calculated based on the European lighting standard EN12464. The plan was discussed with Van den Heuvel and the relevant installer and tested against the expectations of both parties.

Thorlux luminaires with the Smartscan wireless lighting management were chosen. Integral sensors monitor ambient light and presence, control output to the correct level, dim and switch when there is sufficient daylight and illuminate only when the area is occupied.

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