Lille Flandres Train Station

Lille, France

Lille-Flandres station is the main railway station of Lille, the capital of French Flanders. It is a terminus for SNCF Intercity and regional trains. It opened in 1842 as the Gare de Lille but was renamed in 1993 when Lille Europe station opened.

The station was built by Léonce Reynaud and Sydney Dunnett for the CF du Nord. Construction began in 1869 and ended in 1892. The station front is the old front from Paris' Gare du Nord and was dismantled and reassembled in Lille at the end of the 19th century. An extra storey and a large clock were added to the original design.

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The Challenge

The primary objectives of the new lighting scheme were to increase the light levels and to provide a safe and comfortable environment, therefore, increasing passenger confidence. The platforms present a challenge as they require specific lighting levels and uniformity to comply with current rail standards.

The Solution

Thorlux Lighting proposed a new installation combining the necessary energy savings with improved lighting quality throughout the station. This recommendation was based on installing the Thorlux SmartScan monitoring and management system which incorporates Smart intelligent lighting control. Thorlux SmartScan luminaires have delivered over 90% energy saving compared to the previous lighting installation. Integral Smart sensors monitor ambient light and presence, control output to the correct level, dim and switch when there is sufficient daylight and illuminate the area only when occupied.

The system also can provide occupancy profiling information. Each day the SmartScan Gateway gathers occupancy data from every SmartScan sensor. This information is included in the Gateway’s status upload to the SmartScan website allowing monitoring of the space utilisation.

SmartScan Demonstration

90 %

Energy Saving

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