The Floyd Unit, Birch Hill Hospital

Rochdale, United Kingdom

The Floyd Unit is an 18-bed neurorehabilitation centre at Birch Hill Hospital, Rochdale, Greater Manchester. It provides therapeutic services and support to a variety of patients with neurological disabilities which may have arisen from injuries or progressive diseases. The goal is to assist patients in living as independent a life as possible. The Floyd Unit has provided support to communities across the area since it originally opened in October 1988, and it treats up to sixty-three patients per year.

Applications Covered:

The Challenge

As part of a recent renovation, Thorlux Lighting supplied emergency LED luminaires and controls to the Floyd Unit. While going unnoticed during day-to-day life, emergency lighting is a crucial and potentially life-saving system. In the event of a power outage in a building, it will allow safe movement for the occupants and, if needed, provide illuminated guidance to the closest emergency exit.

The Solution

To ensure the highest possible safety and reliability, the Floyd Unit is now equipped with the wireless SmartScan Emergency lighting control system. SmartScan Emergency luminaires are linked to a SmartScan Gateway which collects operational status information and transmits it to the web for viewing on any device suitable for internet browsing. Building managers can configure automatic emergency lighting test schedules on the SmartScan website to minimise disruption to the building’s users.

The SmartScan Emergency system at the Floyd Unit oversees an array of self-testing emergency anti-panic luminaires and illuminated escape signage. Discreet, recessed-mounted Firefly and high-output Firefly Plus emergency luminaires provide emergency lighting throughout the building. As with all Thorlux emergency products, the Firefly luminaires have high-quality batteries that deliver three hours of emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. These are configured to provide either directional escape route guidance along corridors or broad area lighting in rooms and communal areas. External emergency building perimeter lighting comes from IP65-rated Mini-8 bulkhead luminaires with opal polycarbonate covers. Finally, the Lexi and the IP65-rated Lexi-65 provide indoor and outdoor illuminated emergency exit signage. All SmartScan Emergency luminaires come with a five-year warranty from Thorlux.

Thorlux engineers commissioned the SmartScan Emergency control system and luminaires after installation to ensure optimum functionality.

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