Anne Frank School

Molbergen, Germany

The Anne Frank secondary school is named after the young girl Anne Frank who gained fame posthumously with the publication of her diary, in which she documented her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. The school is situated in Molbergen, a municipality in the district of Cloppenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The Challenge

The lighting within the school consisted of recessed fluorescent luminaires which no longer complied with the requirements of EN 12464-1 and had a high maintenance and energy consumption. The municipality of Molbergen therefore decided to renovate the lighting in the school as part of a BMU grant.

The Solution

The fluorescent luminaires were replaced with Thorlux Jubilee luminaires with Smart controls. The Thorlux Smart System exploits the latest “Digital Technology” to provide a simple, effective method of lighting control which minimises energy consumption whilst retaining high levels of user comfort. A discrete sensor integral to the luminaire monitors ambient light and presence controlling output to the correct level, and ensuring that the area is only illuminated when occupied.

Lighting can account for a high percentage of energy consumed within a building, especially if old technology switch start fluorescent luminaires are installed.

Existing Luminaires:

  • 31 pcs. 4 x 18W fluorescent luminaires
  • 82 pcs. 2 x 80W fluorescent luminaires
  • 256 pcs. 1 x 58W fluorescent luminaires
  • 240 pcs. 2 x 58W fluorescent luminaires

Total: 609 pcs.

New Luminaires:

  • Thorlux Jubilee Smart luminaires 51W

Total: 521 pcs.

86 %

Energy Saving


90,429 kWh per annum


8.5 Years

Products Used

SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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