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The Flex System breaks with convention and takes the lighting outside of the ceiling tile aperture offering freedom and flexibility of scheme design. It is possible to light spaces with fewer luminaires than a conventional scheme.

Fewer luminaires means fewer items of costly control gear keeping capital costs low and with fewer power connections labour costs are reduced too.


Conventional office layout




Sets of control gear


Power connections

Flex System

Flex System office layout


Luminaire kits

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4x Corner - 2.4 m

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1x Sixteen


Sets of control gear


Power connections

Be Creative With Your Space

Flex System Floor Plan
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Poor glare control from lighting can be distracting and cause discomfort which may lead to headaches, eye strain and fatigue. Ultimately this may affect a person’s performance, productivity and health. The new Flex System offers a choice of three optics to match the light distribution and luminaire brightness to the needs and users of the space.

Flexline Dark Light


Ultra low glare optic with black louvre finish for the ultimate control of light. Ideal for applications where luminaire brightness is undesirable or mood/ambience is important.

Typical glare rating

UGR <10

Flexline Metallised


Low glare optics with metallised louvre finish for high performance and efficacy. Ideal for applications such as offices, teaching spaces or any area where glare is a concern.

Typical glare rating

UGR <15

Flexline white


High performance white louvre for efficiency and vibrancy. Ideal for general purpose applications where luminaire brightness is of minimal concern.

Typical glare rating

UGR <20


The wattage of the Flexline and Flexview luminaires can be adjusted on-site through the “selector switch” mounted on the control gear enclosure.

The selector switch can be set to one of four pre-determined wattages, providing a range of light outputs from a single luminaire.

This feature offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Simple ordering, just one part number for all wattages.
  • Easier on site management during installation, no organising which wattage luminaire goes in which room.
  • Flexibility to change the desired light level, particularly useful if the space changes use later in life.
Wattage selector


SmartScan is a revolutionary wireless lighting control system that allows users to monitor their energy performance data and complete operational information for all SmartScan standard and emergency luminaires.

Information is displayed on the SmartScan website which can be accessed from anywhere using a computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

The graphical user interface provides an overview of the whole site, through to the performance and operation of an individual luminaire. Find out more about SmartScan here

Ribbon Power Cable

The flat profile of the power cable, connecting the luminaire to its power pack, can be routed so there is no need to cut tiles.

Tool Free Installation

Luminaires clip to the T-bar without the need for tools.

Remote Gear Unit

Control gear is contained within a metal flame retardant enclosure located above a tile and firmly clipped to the grid.

Push-Fit Connections

Flexline can be connected together for a continuous line of light. Kits can be joined using steel springs (included) or finished using push-fit end cap.

Bring a touch of the outside inside

Flexview uses the same optical elements as Flexline around the perimeter of its picture window to provide high quality general illumination whilst separate edge-lit technology provides dedicated picture illumination.

Flexview allows creativity with the lighting layout, enhancing the look and feel of the space.


Dual Light Engine

The perimeter light engine provides the general illumination and can dim to suit conditions. The picture window remains at a constant brightness whilst the luminaire is turned on. The combination of two light engines provides excellent colour quality, correct control and superb overall efficiency.

Single Power Connection

A single control gear enclosure controls the dual light source system; there is only one power connection for Flexview regardless of the size of its array. Each panel has a pre-wired lead for error-free installation.

Tool Free Installation

Flexview luminaires simply lay in to an exposed T-bar grid making installation easy and quick.

Integral Smart Sensor

Smart Versions Include A Sensor Discretely Mounted Within The Frame. One Sensor Per Flexview Kit.

For more information please view the Flexline and Flexview pages:

SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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