Open Plan Offices

Open Plan Offices

Open plan offices vary widely, and there is a trend towards creating more dynamic and stimulating spaces, with properly lit walls and ceilings.

Illumination Levels

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

Space Recommended maintained illuminance (lux)
Open Plan Office: Mainly Screen Based Work 300
Open Plan Office: Mainly Paper Based Work 500
Deep Plan Core Area (More Than 6 M From Window) 500/750*
* The maintained illuminance in the deep plan core area should be related to the illuminance of the area near the windows. For an illuminance of 300 lux near the windows, the deep plan core area should be lit to 500 lux; where 500 lux is used for the area near the windows, a maintained illuminance of 750 lux should be used in the deep plan core area.

Recessed Luminaires

A modular array of luminaires in an open plan office allows the space to be partitioned to create cellular offices and meeting rooms. Almost all open plan offices consist of groups of computer work-stations, so low glare luminaires must be used.

If recessed luminaires are used, supplementary wall-mounted luminaires are often used to uplight the ceiling to reduce contrast and create a more pleasing aesthetic.

Suspended Luminaires

Lines of suspended luminaires can be used to define spaces and create visual interest. The upward light output helps create an evenly illuminated space, with a light ceiling to offer visual interest.

Infills between Thorlux Light Line luminaires can house ancillary services such as loudspeakers or emergency lighting downlighters. Thorlux Light Line Integra Acoustic offers acoustic baffles to attenuate sound propagation and improve clarity. Corners and Tees are available to create square or rectangular arrays.

SmartScan Lighting Management

SmartScan is an ideal solution for offices because group addresses can be used to set control groups. Areas are therefore reconfigured by re-assigning addresses, not rewiring. Many open plan offices benefit from high daylight levels, so significant energy savings can be achieved with daylight dimming.

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