Road & Infrastructure

Road & Infrastructure

Large industrial complexes, warehouses, transport hubs, university campuses and similar often have roadways, car parks and vehicle manoeuvring areas.

In all cases, the key objective is to ensure the safety of the users, and to expedite fast and safe operations.

Choice of Luminaire

The Starbeam is ideal for roadway lighting because the distribution has been tailored to the task, offering increased spacing with good uniformity.

Illumination Levels

The illumination level is determined by the density of traffic flow. The higher the density of vehicles, the greater the risk, so the illumination level is increased.

Activity Minimum maintained illuminance (lx) uniformity (U0) Typical applications
Safe pedestrian movement in low risk areas 5 0.25 Industrial storage areas with only occasional traffic
Safe movement of slow vehicles 10 0.4 Open storage areas served by forklift trucks
Safe movement in medium risk areas 20 0.4 Vehicle storage areas, container terminals with frequent traffic
Normal traffic 20 0.4 Road lighting in container terminals, marshalling yards
Very rough work 20 0.25 Excavation and site clearance
Rough work 50 0.25 Handling timber
Safe movement in high risk areas 50 0.4 Critical area within chemical plants, oil refineries etc.
Normal work 100 0.5 Brick laying, carpentry
Fine work 200 0.5 Painting, electrical work

See the Car Park Application section for more information on car park lighting

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