Lecture Theatres

Lecture Theatres

Lecture theatres can pose challenges to the lighting designer. In a lecture theatre the lecturer must be clearly visible to the audience, without deep facial shadows and without creating a glare issue. Those seated towards the rear may be very close to the ceiling, so it is essential that the luminaires do not cause glare issues for them.

Conversely the lecturer gains valuable feedback by seeing the reaction of the audience to their presentation, so glare issues for the lecturer looking up the rake of seating need to be avoided. When the lecture theatre is dimmed, the lecturer still needs to read their notes, so a small, adjustable reading lamp mounted on the lectern is often the best solution.

Illumination Levels

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 5 - Lighting for Education 2011

Application Maintained Horizontal Illuminance (lux) UGRL U0 Ra
Demonstration Area 500 - 750 19 0.6 80
Audience Area 300 - 500 19 0.6 80


Raked lecture theatres can present access difficulties, so it is essential that good quality luminaires are used that offer long life. Many Thorlux luminaires are rated 100,000 hours, L80/B10, so are ideal for this application.

SmartScan Lighting Management

SmartScan controls can be used to adjust the lighting level for each activity. The wireless communication between luminaires is ideal for suspended applications as no additional wiring is required.

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