Solow XLED Opal

Slim profile superior performance LED luminaires


The Solow XLED Opal offers a high efficiency low bay solution providing up to 33,450 lumens and an efficiency of up to 146 luminaire lumens per circuit watt. The uniformly illuminated opal surface is ideal for use in areas where it is preferable that individual LEDs are not visible. Extremely long life extends maintenance intervals. A low profile design, coupled with in built installation points, allows for fast installation.

Smart versions have a unique sensor that can be optimised for use up to 18m, maintaining excellent occupancy detection. SmartScan "wireless" versions eliminate the requirement for control cabling often associated with retro-fit installations.

Applications: general industrial areas, manufacturing, leisure centres, retail and commercial areas.

Made in the UK 5 Year Warranty
SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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