SkyCore - Performance and sustainability in perfect balance

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2024

SkyCore is a family of indoor luminaires which include the SkyGlo and SkyPro.

Whether you need to achieve low glare compliance in offices, create softly lit circulation areas, or to light stimulating environments like school classrooms, SkyCore can provide the solution.

Thorlux has designed SkyCore luminaires with the principles of circularity and sustainability in mind. Modularity, maintainability and reduced waste are key considerations, as well as providing high performance for a variety of lighting solutions.

The SkyCore family has an efficacy of up to 146.9 luminaire lumens per circuit watt minimising power consumption and impact on the environment.

SkyCore luminaires are designed to provide a long 100,000 hour life and are fully serviceable. Through its modular design, SkyCore luminaire components can be easily separated for servicing, upgrading or repurposing.

Available in recessed, surface and pendant mounting, the SkyCore family is ideal for a wide range of applications.

For further information, please visit the SkyGlo or the SkyPro product pages.

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