Solar Photovoltaic Installation at Thorlux HQ

Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Thorlux manufactures over 400,000 luminaires per annum at its modern self-contained factory in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK. The factory contains energy intensive processes, such as sheet metal punching, laser cutting and forming, powder coating and LED PCB assembly lines. The company is continually measuring and improving its environmental credentials and for many years has had an energy monitoring programme in place which is independently certified to ISO 14001.

In 2009 Thorlux invested in its own carbon offsetting programme, planting trees on land in Monmouthshire to offset the CO₂ generated from its manufacturing and selling activities. The company has planted an incredible 150,000 trees over the last ten years. However, even with this responsible and proactive approach, it was felt that further improvements could be made to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Thorlux has now installed solar photovoltaic units on the roof of its manufacturing facility. The system is estimated to produce 224,470kWh of electricity per annum, helping to power the plant and equipment as well as charging the company’s fleet of hybrid vehicles. Over its operational lifetime, through reduced consumption from the National Grid, the installation will deliver a total CO₂ reduction of 1580 tonnes and financial savings of over £1million.

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