Circulation Spaces

Circulation Spaces

The design and usage of circulation spaces and corridors varies widely, but they need to be illuminated for safety and ease of use. Signs and notice-boards should be well-lit so they are clearly visible and easy to read. Good vertical illumination allows faces to be recognised easily.

Illumination Levels

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

Space Recommended maintained illuminance (lux)
internal-internal-corridors 100 lux on floor with uniformity 0.4
Atria 200 lux on floor with uniformity 0.4 .
Some areas may need a higher level, depending upon the use of the space
Lift Lobbies 100 lux on general floor with uniformity 0.4 , 200 lux in front of lift doors
Internal-Internal-Stairwells 100 lux horizontal

SmartScan Lighting Management

Significant energy savings can be achieved in areas with good levels of daylight by using daylight dimming. Presence detectors can also ensure circulation spaces are not left illuminated when not being used.

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Emergency Lighting

The emergency lighting standard, BS 5266-1, recommends a minimum illumination level of 1 lux along the centreline of a corridor.

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