Canteens & Dining Rooms

Canteens & Dining Rooms

The lighting in the canteen areas should be inviting and comfortable yet at the same time provide the required illuminance for the high level of activity.

Choice of Luminaire

The lighting should provide a relaxed atmosphere with enough light for the high volume of people. If the space is multi-use then suitable luminaires should be used.

G3 recessed downlighters provide uniform illumination whilst maintaining a clean ceiling appearance.

Heritage pendants over serveries look good, and help create a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Illumination Levels

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 5 - Lighting for Education 2011

Application Maintained Horizontal Illuminance (lux) UGRL U0 Ra
Canteens - general 200 22 0.4 80
If used for exams 500 19 0.6 80

SmartScan Lighting Management

SmartScan controls can be used to adjust the lighting level for each activity. The wireless communication between luminaires is ideal for suspended applications as no additional wiring is required.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is recommended for rooms larger than 60 m². BS 5266-1 recommends a minimum illumination level of 0.5 lux

SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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