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Solar Photovoltaic Installation at Thorlux HQ

Solar Photovoltaic Installation at Thorlux HQ

Smart Overview

Comboseal Plus Thermal Endurance Testing

Thermal endurance testing of Comboseal Plus 326W High Ambient Version from -40°C to 70°C

SmartScan Occupancy Profiling

SmartScan now has the ability to provide occupancy profiling information.

SmartScan Air Quality

The SmartScan Air Quality Sensor monitors three key parameters: Temperature, CO₂ and Relative Humidity.

SmartScan Interactive Drawings

SmartScan Interactive Drawings provide a simple and effective method of viewing system information.

SmartScan Website

SmartScan External

SmartScan Internal

SmartScan Emergency

SmartScan Overview

Lux Live Highlights 2018

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Product Testing

Thorlux takes great pride in the quality and safety of our luminaires and we take the testing of our products very seriously.

Comboseal Range

High performance sealed industrial luminaires

Prismalette Pro - Retro-Fit

2D to LED retro-fit in under 80 seconds.

Dot Swap - Retro-Fit

2D to LED retro-fit in under 90 seconds.

Carbon Offsetting Project

Thorlux Lighting is committed to minimising the environmental impact of both its manufacturing processes and its products.

Thorlux Lighting Corporate Video

An introduction to Thorlux Lighting and its manufacturing capabilities and experience.

Arcadian - Tough to Beat

Demonstrates the Arcadian's extreme resistance to physical damage and water ingress.

Lighting Cable Management

Thorlux recessed Smart luminaires are manufactured with fitted “plug and play” TEE connectors to accept factory made and tested interlink leads. This approach, often referred to as modular wiring, provides a fast, error free installation and overall lower total system costs. A range of additional lighting control components can easily be added to the system to customise the installation to the user’s requirements.

Solow XLED

Utilising the latest LED technology, the Solow XLED combines superb efficiency (148 luminaire lumens per circuit watt) with a slim profile and versatile design.

Zipline Installation Example

The Zipline system has been designed for speed of installation. Once the trunking lengths are secured in position the modules are simply offered up and plugged in.

Zipline Installation Guide

The Zipline system has been designed for speed of installation. Once the trunking lengths are secured in position the modules are simply offered up and plugged in.

Thorlux Global Footprint

Thorlux provide lighting solutions all over the world. We have offices in Europe, the Middle East and Australasia as well as numerous sales agents in other countries.

Building Regulations - Part B Fire Safety

Demonstrates the importance of using fire retardant diffusers in recessed luminaires.

Smart Luminaires for Warehouse Applications

This example demonstrates how the Thorlux Smart system works in warehouse applications, however the same techniques can be applied to virtually any other application.

Smart External Introduction

An introduction to the Thorlux Smart External system.

Introduction to Lighting Controls

General introduction to lighting controls. All new applications should now incorporate lighting controls as standard - which will often save in excess of 70% of the installed load!


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SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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