Smart External

Smart External

The Thorlux Smart System exploits the latest “Digital Technology” to provide a simple, effective method of lighting control which minimises energy consumption whilst retaining high levels of user comfort.

A discrete sensor integral to the luminaire monitors ambient light and presence ensuring that the area is only illuminated when occupied and that the lighting is turned off during daylight hours. Lighting can account for a high percentage of energy consumed outside a building, especially if uncontrolled discharge luminaires are installed.

Features of Smart External

Presence Detection

Movement Not Detected

The integral Smart External Sensor allows the luminaires to be turned off or dimmed to a low output level when the area is vacated. As soon as the sensor detects movement, the luminaire will revert to full output.

Ambient Light Control

Dimming Night
Dimming Day

The Smart External Sensor incorporates an ambient light sensor which will enable at dusk and disable at dawn. The luminaire will remain off until movement is detected.



Smart External luminaires can work on an individual basis whereby each luminaire will only turn on when it detects movement. However in most applications it would be desirable to turn on groups of luminaires together. This can be achieved using Motionline.

Wireless Control

Smart TR

Highly efficient LED luminaires can be easily controlled by the exterior version of Smart - Smart External, but the cost of installing a buried cable to carry Motionline can be prohibitively expensive.

Smart External TR reduces the cost by providing wireless transmission of the Motionline signal between luminaires.


Smart Programmer

A range of parameters can be programmed to enable the lighting system to match specific application requirements, enabling Smart to be used on many different types of buildings, from public buildings such as hospitals and schools to warehouses and industrial applications.

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